7 tricks to use in the kitchen

The kitchen is place where there is a lot of dirt and therefore is difficult to clean. After we cooking except the delicious meals we left behind us burned pots and pans, grime, dirty oven and hobs, etc. The general decision is to call  a professional cleaning help, for example syktenancy-cleaninggreenwich.com, depending on area where do you leave. The other solution is to look at our 7 tips to use in the kitchen

  1. Residues of cheese or other milk products on the grater

Use the contaminated appliance to grate raw potatoes. Its intrinsic hardness, in combination with the oxalic acid contained, will remove the adhering residues of solid dairy products.

  1. Burned pots and pans

Cover the container with water. Pour in and a cup of white vinegar, then put on the hot plate and wait for the liquid to boil. Add 2 tablespoons of bread soda, empty the pan, and you can brush it without difficulty.

  1. Glass baking trays

Soak an aluminum foil ball, add a dishwasher and rub.

  1. The whitish “diaper” on the glasses

You must have seen something like an overcoat on glass-washed glasses (especially if you are using a dishwasher). It is unpleasant, but you can easily handle the problem. Wipe the kitchen paper with vinegar, squeeze the excess liquid and wipe the glass. After such treatment, it will be crystal clear.

  1. Cleaning the coffee grinder / spices

To get rid of residual scents after use, use the mill to grind into powder raw rice, hard bread or sugar. Each of these three offers will do a great job.

  1. Forms for baking muffins

The holes are small, so the task to be washed is pretty tedious. You will make it much easier if you use a baby bottle brush.

  1. Clean a regular hob

Do not pour it with water! Just wipe it with a damp cloth, and if the adhering cooking remains are too stubborn, sprinkle with baking soda, wait for 10 minutes and then apply the cloth “therapie”.

The awful tomato stain and my little victory over it

Let’s start with a few facts. I am a normal person, working and living in central London, in a rented flat, which turned out to be my so lovely home, my one and only indeed. And, yeah, I am a huge lover of Italy – its culture, history, amazing spirit, impressive architecture and last but not least it magnificent cuisine that delights all the senses – all of these I adore. Completely logically I eat Italian meals far too often, because their tastes are to be remembered and these sweet memories of pizza, lasagne and pasta – all so delicious, make me want to cook something so Italian every evening, or order something from the hundreds amazing spaghetti-1392266_640Italian restaurants in the city in those nights I am too tired to stay for so long in the kitchen, preparing dinner. However, it’s all good till now. And then the nightmare happens – somehow I spill a part of this same unique Italian meal, and as we all know every pizza, pasta, spaghetti, bruschetta or another truly traditional thing contains tomatoes, a lot of them. And here, my friends, the flawless happiness is ruined, and so is my carpet. And for a person who lives in a rented property and will have to pass an end of tenancy cleaning inspection at some moment, this is the hell itself. But recently I found out how I could cope with this more than unpleasant situation and I am impatient to share with you.