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Pack, travel, explore and never regret

We are busy and we have million tasks every day. How does one of your days look indeed? You wake up and you have to make coffee, feed the cat, do your make-up, prepare breakfast, wake up your husband, your wife, your room-mate, your children, you have to empty the dishwasher, you have to water that flower you always forget, you have Untitled3232to choose an outfit, to get dressed, to wash the dirty dishes, to drink your coffee till the end, you have to walk your kids to school or drive them, you have to go to work and then cope with too many situations during the day and it doesn’t end here, because you will have so much more things to do before you go to bed.

When was the last time you were free, completely free, I mean, you woke up and there was not a simple task you have planned for today? Can you remember? Have you ever had such a day? It is sad when you stop and think about it, you never ask yourself, are you happy, are you surrounded by people who love you, do you love them, too, do you crave to be doing something different now. You never stop, you never notice the little things in life. So don’t hesitate and pack and go, find an adventure, wake up in another country, on another continent, somewhere you won’t think about the boring everydayness, somewhere you could be at ease, you could get lost and look for the answers of all these questions you never asked yourself, you could meet people, who will inspire you, you could be careless, you could remember and forget, watch the sunsets, run, or lay and desire, enjoy the starry sky, feel the wind in your hair and the joy in your heart. Be happy, forget the regrets.