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South Africa is a country with a comfortable climate, majestic mountains, oceanic areas and an exceptional arrangement of natural flora and fauna.

A beautiful country where you will find hippies, surfers, hikers and its diversity of people and cultures, stunning deserts and beautiful savannahs and an incredible beachside landscape that does not come better than this. It is also home to bewildering cities and towns that are rich in history. So, let me update you on the place that I currently visited and thoroughly fell In love with and after doing so, planning to relocate my family to.

 My love affair with beautiful Accommodation in Midlands

Midlands is a vivacious and colourful city with spectacular beaches, gorgeous mountains and some of the finest vineyards in Africa. The Accommodation in Midlands to me is a place rich in culture and entertainment. Its beauty is so breath-taking that makes you keep falling in love with the country.

Midlands compromises of a very well developed infrastructure and historical solemnness so effortlessly that the people living in the country benefit from the best of both worlds in a diverse, beguiling and charming environment.

I myself is such an adrenaline junkie that the accommodation in Midlands is the place best suited for me and to all those people who simply live for adventure will surely love what this beautiful place offers. Adrenaline junkies can partake in a complete multitude of mind blowing activities, from kite surfing, rock climbing, wake boarding, shark cage diving, hand gliding and sky diving just to name a few. And for the more submissive residents who are less daring time can also have a blast by just exploring the unique landscape and spectacular beaches.

Me being a total foodie, I definitely can vouch and second the fact when people say that Midlands is the culinary capital of South Africa. Nowhere else in the country is the towns people so astute about food, and nowhere else is such a wide assortment of restaurants and banqueting prospects on offer. The Midlands is my culinary heaven.

The homes are all located in areas where you will be rewarded with the best views. A place that is clean and welcoming. There are various rumours that claim the place is not safe, but hey every country has some crime of some sort. It’s part of living and making yourself familiar with the areas you should avoid. But my stay in accommodation in Midlands was crime free and not once did I come across any violence, I felt a sense of security and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in Midlands and that is why I plan to make it my new home.

The people of midlands are vibrant and accommodating. A place so rich in history, as you can take a lovely boat ride to visit the famous Robben Island where the former president of South Africa was imprisoned. Also, enjoy an exciting cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain enjoy either beautiful sunrise or sunset as you take in the take in the beautiful views that Cape Town must offer.

With all the complexity and amenities that can be found in the beautiful Cape Town, this seaside community playground undoubtedly has enough to offer to everyone and a place anyone can call home.